Among Heroes - Brandon Webb & John David Mann

Among Heroes

By Brandon Webb & John David Mann

  • Release Date: 2015-05-26
  • Genre: Military
Score: 4.5
From 173 Ratings


Navy SEAL sniper and New York Times bestselling author Brandon Webb’s personal account of eight of his friends and fellow SEALs who made the ultimate sacrifice.
“Knowing these great men—who they were, how they lived, and what they stood for—has changed my life. We can’t let them be forgotten. We’ve mourned their deaths. Let’s celebrate their lives.”—Brandon Webb
As a Navy SEAL, Brandon Webb rose to the top of the world’s most elite sniper corps, experiencing years of punishing training and combat missions from the Persian Gulf to Afghanistan. Along the way, Webb served beside, trained, and supported men he came to know not just as fellow warriors, but as friends and, eventually, as heroes.
This is his personal account of eight extraordinary SEALs who gave all for their comrades and their country with remarkable valor and abiding humanity: Matt “Axe” Axelson, who perished on Afghanistan’s Lone Survivor mission; Chris Campbell, Heath Robinson, and JT Tumilson, who were among the casualties of Extortion 17; Glen Doherty, Webb’s best friend, killed while helping secure the successful rescue and extraction of American CIA and State Department diplomats in Benghazi; and other close friends, classmates, and fellow warriors. These are men who left behind powerfully instructive examples of what it means to be alive—and what it truly means to be a hero.



  • Book Description

    By God'sLoving
    I just downloaded a sample of this book, and can’t wait to read it! Wanted to say that the quote from Brandon Webb is one of the best I have ever read, it made me cry good tears! And the description to the book is fantastic & an incredibly, awesome job! I will make sure to keep sharing the stories of service men & women I learned about before, like Matt Axelson, and I will continue sharing stories of the ones I learn about in this book etc! God bless & thank you for doing such an effort-filled job of carrying on their legacy🙏😇🇺🇸
  • Great read

    By Gus2259
    A great book that puts faces and people behind the name of Navy Seal. We hear of their exploits but not of who they are. This is their story.
  • School Teacher (proud USN veteran)

    By MJRobinson Ventura CA
    I was told, "You should always do things in moderation, except awesome. You can never do enough awesome." This book, with its compelling reflections of great men making the greatest sacrifice, is AWESOME! Thank you Brandon.
  • Another great book from Brandon Webb

    By BB234A
    A great way to remember the men who made great sacrafices for the freedom we enjoy. Great read I couldnt put the book down.
  • A Perfect Tribute

    By Iflysouthwest
    This is a great book!! I literally laughed and cried my way through this book of American Heroes. Their memories will forever be in print for friends, family, and people who want to know more about the great men who protect us while we sleep! Pay tribute by reading and telling others about these men.
  • Great Read

    By MCLK Vegas
    Stories that need to be shared and never forgotten.
  • Great easy read

    By coco513
    Taps my heart to hear about these exceptional men and warriors. Reminds me that there really are Heroes, someone for kids to look up to. Writing flows. Thank you
  • Excellent book by a terrific writer

    By GWTrombley
    This book is one that I could not put down. I read it one day. Navy Seals, Army Deltas, Air Force PJs dedicate their lives to keep us all safe. Getting to know the Seals from a personal standpoint makes me understand the sacrifices they and their families make. God bless them and their families.
  • Another great read!

    By Dennis Sampson
    Brandon Webb does a great job bringing the stories of these heroes home to us. It's just another of his writings that once you start reading you can't put it down. Thank you & the family's for sharing the lives of these great warriors. May you all R.I.P..
  • Moving Story of Fallen Friends

    By M.F.Zuber3
    Brandon allows us to know some of his Fallen Friends, not just that they were SEALs but also their LIVES & CHARACTER. The Story is both very MOVING & HAUNTING. You will NOT be disappointed.